Opinion: Why Comparing President Donald Trump to Celebrities Doesn’t Make Sense

Celebrities have been quite outspoken about their negative feelings toward President Donald Trump. The defense of Trump sympathizers is to respond by drawing attention to things these celebrities have done and said. They point out roles they’ve played or materials they’ve written.

Ben Shapiro’s response to Stephen King’s tweet is the example that stands out in my mind, although, I have seen similar comments countless times.


Now, while I completely agree with Ben that this scene is disturbing and horrific but comparing a horror fiction writer to the leader of the free world is apples to oranges. I also took King’s tweet sarcastically. His mention of a “severely fucked-up mind,” to me, is like he’s also poking fun at himself by referencing the type of mind you’d have to channel to write books like his. I think this went way over Ben’s head. Comparing the man who wrote a fictitious book about a psychotic clown who preys on children to the man who represents the United States of America to the entire world is just asinine.

I have also seen mention of people who adore Hugh Hefner but don’t particularly like President Trump. Yes, Hugh Hefner created a men’s magazine that sexualized women. Yes, he’s had multiple young girlfriends at one time. Hugh Hefner, though, does not make decisions on behalf of the United States of America. Hugh is not the face and the voice of the U.S. Agreeably, Hugh Hefner would have had no place in politics. He was in the entertainment business and people adore him for his place in that particular industry. He is an entertainment icon. What most may not know is, he’s actually a veteran. He was in the Army from 1944 to 1946. While he didn’t spend much time in the military, he voluntarily joined before being honorably discharged. Which is more than we can say about President Trump who avoided the draft. Yes, I just threw a little shade. 😎

Now I’m going to tell you why I am so passionate about these apples to oranges comparisons. Celebrities do not make decisions about our healthcare. Stephen King’s books have zero impact on women’s reproductive rights. Hugh Hefner’s lifestyle has no impact on LGBTQ rights, although he was an advocate for the cause. Neither of them were or ever will be in charge of making decisions about immigration, armed forces, civil rights, the national budget and foreign affairs. The list could go on an on. We’re going to be much more strict on who we have in the oval office than we are on who’s books sit on the shelves of our bookstores and who’s lives we celebrate when they pass.

This comparison makes sense if we’re comparing celebrities to Donald Trump, the reality star, but once he swore in as the President of the United States, actually once he decided to run for office, he was no longer just an entertainer. He is our leader and he needs to represent us with class. He has yet to do so and I hope we continue to hold him accountable for his words and actions until he either changes or is removed from office.

-D.O. ❤

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